It can be scary to hear your client has made a decision to switch lenders. But worry not! We will take great care of them and get them to the closing table on time. We order appraisals and title within 24 hours after receiving the decision from our clients that they want to save money. If an appraisal has already been completed, we work to have it transferred and use the existing appraisal. We use technology and online communication to ensure maximum efficiency to ensure a smooth transaction. 

We are sure you are in the same boat with us when we say we feel our job is to take amazing care of our clients. Our business model is one that ensures our clients know without a doubt that we are taking great care of them. We only work with clients who are comparing mortgage options by beating any loan option they have been offered. It's a win for the client as they are saving money. It is a win for you as their realtor knowing they are saving money. And another win for you as their realtor because we will work together to create a smooth transaction from start to finish. We look forward to impressing you. 

And give your other clients the opportunity to save money and scream it out loud: Beat My Mortgage!